Karen Badea, Author

Karen Badea, Author Essential Oil Book Series

‚ÄčKaren Badea is an author whom loves natural healing research. She was born into a rural Kentucky farm family in the early 60's. She is the oldest of only two children, she and a younger brother. She has one son and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Karen is a Certified Aromatherapist and via the politics of medicine, she has found alternative healing protocols to be life savers. Karen is a very upbeat person with a ton of creativity and 'can do' attitude. After being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme & multiple coinfections (MSIDS) in 2013, Karen has struggled daily to stay alive and ONLY due to God's grace and alternative options, such as essential oils, has she remained alive. Karen's desire to regain her health has given her an insatiable desire to research and share the healing powers of essential oils. Karen was a US Merchant Marine and worked on the cruise ships. She married her husband in Romania. The two of them live in Kentucky and share a mutual desire to write in their spare time. Karen's husband was a European Chef and he is in the process of writing a Romanian recipe book, of which he will also offer on Amazon Kindle. Karen has plans of adding to her 'Farmacy Cabinet Series' of essential oils and will also be publishing a book in the near future on her Lyme journey.

Karen's books in 'The Farmacy Cabinet Series'... The second book coming soon: